About the Club

The Shabby Coat Book Club began in a small, private Facebook group, where 3 friends, with the common bond of an English B.A. and multiple children, found themselves spending way too much time chatting about books online with each other (and probably not enough time doing laundry). After hundreds of group messages and an eventual get-together at a delightful little bookstore in South Carolina, AB, Natalie, and Meg decided to take their love of books a step further and begin publishing many of their past book reviews in a more public venue. At this point, it’s a fun way to stay in touch, encourage each other to keep reading, and share their love of books (and caffeine) with you.


IMG_7065AB hails from the Upstate of South Carolina where she teaches 8th graders how to love reading, creative writing students how to write novels, and her own children how to make their beds. Some of her favorite things include chocolate, sinking her toes in the sand at Litchfield Beach, exploring the region for independent bookstores, chocolate, pretending to enjoy drinking coffee, and (ahem) testing out the V8 engine in her full-size SUV (oh, and did she mention chocolate?). Historical and fantasy fiction remain her favorite genres, and she keeps telling herself that she reads YA lit only because her students do. AB’s idea of the perfect vacation would be nestling down to read The Lord of the Rings by firelight in a Scottish castle (with chocolate, of course).

IMG_7052 Natalie is an Arizona-based transcriptionist and virtual assistant who does her best reading in the early morning over a hot mug of coffee when there’s little chance to fall asleep or be disturbed. She also spends her days reading to her four kids, tackling the massive pile of laundry, tending to clients, and pulling small objects out of the baby’s mouth. Her drink of choice is black coffee, and her favorite author is Charlotte Bronte. She prefers fiction, preferably of the mystery genre, but you can occasionally find her reading collections of humorous essays à la Umberto Eco.

IMG_7022Meg grew up in Pennsylvania, but has now made Minnesota her home, along with her family and 16,000+ books (okay, maybe not quite that many, but close). She works alongside her husband at their local church and loves taking the kids on weekly trips to “the big library” downtown. She reads just about anything, but her favorites are literary classics, old and new (she’s currently trying to read through all the Pulitzer Prize winners). Her passions include loose-leaf tea, her blue willow teacup, Bach’s cello suites, sunny  days when the kids can play outside, hats, dark chocolate with sea salt and caramel, and vintage hardcover books – with a dream to own a library with at least one rolling ladder in it. She agrees with C.S. Lewis that “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”