Serafina and the Splintered Heart, by Robert Beatty

3 reviewers reflecting on the 3 Serafina books – and how book #3 compared to the others. 


(Serafina and the Black Cloak [1] & Serafina and the Twisted Staff [2]): 

Serafina 3AB: I thought Beatty continued to do an excellent job of hooking the reader. Within the first few pages, I found myself asking, “What in the world is going on here?” In that respect, Beatty does not disappoint.”

Natalie: This one didn’t land for me quite like the other two. But I have been reading a lot of fantasy lit lately, and I think maybe I overdid it in the supernatural. It was fun to read it so close to Halloween.

Meg: Once again, I read this in a sitting. It’s gripping and a little darker than the other two, but in a similar fashion still gives you something good to fight for. I did think this one was a little more “mystical”/New-Age-y than the previous two.


Natalie:  The first book is my favorite of the three. There’s more mystery surrounding who and what Serafina is, and the plot moved faster.

Meg: I heard Robert Beatty say that this one (#3) is by far his favorite; and I think the more developed themes of self-sacrificing friendship in this novel make me want to choose it as my favorite … but I’m still going to go with book #1. I still love the “newness” of everything in that first novel.

AB: Book 1 is still my favorite, but books 2 and 3 do better than most sequels do.serafina series 2


Meg: Cons – The New Age elements just got a bit distracting to me. I liked Serafina better as simply a mythical creature. Now, her “joining forces with all the elements” keeps her from being as unique to me. Pros – As I stated, Beatty strengthens the elements of friendship in this book (more like the Harry Potter books) and helps the characters to go deeper in their commitment to each other and to the fight for good over evil.

Beatty signing ABAB: Pros – beatty continues Serafina’s story in a satisfying way. If you’ll notice, all of the villains in this series are connected, which I find realistic, even for a set of fantasy novels. Cons – It’s definitely slow in places, but I kept reading because I’m invested in these characters. I wasn’t disappointed.

Natalie: Pros – I think the friendship between Braeden and Serafina is healthy and appropriate for a YA book. Cons – It was a little slow at points and maybe a little too introspective.

Two of us were able to attend book signings with author Robert Beatty, who is such a gracious and kind book-signer. We really appreciate how much interest he showed in everyone and for sharing his insights into these exciting novels. We’re definitely excited to try out his new novel next year entitled Willa of the Wood. Stay tuned for that review next year!

Serafina signing


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