**CLOSED** Summer Giveaway – The Good Dream, by Donna Vanliere


In honor of summer a favorite book of the Club’s, we’re going to be giving away a gently used library-bound copy of The Good Dream, by Donna Vanliere.As posted earlier, this is Meg’s favorite Love Story (although it has nothing to do w/ the typical “romance” but delves deeper into the ties of motherhood-by-adoption). And AB has now become a fan too! We recently found a used copy of this book that we want to share with one of our readers – and we’re focusing this giveaway on our “follow-by-email” button. (But hear us out before you run away in fear of more spam email!)

“In The Good Dream, the reader will find exploration of themes of good vs. evil, the value of community, and bravery–the kind that inspires us all.” -AB

No Spam or Excessive Emailing

For those of you who are regular followers, you know that, at most, we only post about 1 article a week, sometimes only every 2 weeks. So that means that by signing up for our emails, you will ONLY receive an email when we post an article on our webpage. There will be nothing spammy or excessive. We just want to make sure that everyone knows when we post reviews (because, as we’ve found, Facebook notoriously filters things from people’s newfeeds, even if you’ve “liked” our page).

Giveaway Instructions

So how can you enter the giveaway? Just do any of the following to receive entries.

  • First, those of you who have already signed up for our emails, you will be automatically entered into the giveaway for 3 ENTRIES.
  • For our Facebook followers, if you SHARE the giveaway Facebook post, you will receive 1 ENTRY.
  • If you let a friend (or grandma) know about this who is not on Facebook and they sign up (or you sign them up), you can MESSAGE us privately, letting us know (along w/ their email so we can confirm) and you will personally receive 4 ENTRIES into the giveaway. (Sorry if that’s confusing, but we want to facilitate everyone.)
  • Finally, every new email follower that signs up will receive 5 ENTRIES into the giveaway. 

The giveaway will run from Friday, June 23rd – Wednesday, June 28th at 10pm CST. The winner will be notified either via Facebook or email (based on entry method). We hope you will all share the Shabby Coat Book Club with your reading friends!
(See below for where to find the “Follow by email” button).

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 1.33.26 PM

Desktop view of “follow” button


Mobile device view – “follow” button appears while scrolling up


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