Snapshot: 3 quick reviews on 3 celebrity memoirs

By Meg
I didn’t mean to binge on celebrity memoirs the past few weeks, but as I’ve requested various ones from the library the past 3-6 months, they all became available for me AT THE SAME TIME. And of course books that you wait 6 months for cannot be renewed … so blitz through them I did. All were enjoyable to a degree, but one definitely rose above the crowd. So here are 3 really quick reviews (with star ratings)  of memoirs by Carrie Fisher, Cary Elwes, and Megyn Kelly.

PDbookThe “meh”moir:
The Princess Diarist,
by Carrie Fisher. ***

I’m always interested in people’s diaries, so reading Carrie Fisher’s actual entries in her handwriting was fascinating. But for the most part, this was the story of an older teenager with a crush on her much-older, married co-star having meaningless sex with him during the weekends of their filming of the first Star Wars movie. She admits her own immaturities; but with the excess of the vulgarities and her lack of ultimately pointing to anything beyond her memories, I came away from this read (which took less than a day to finish) just feeling kind of “meh.” I’d hoped for more.

megynThe Megynmoir:
Settle for More
by Megyn Kelly. ****

I like Megyn Kelly – I do. I don’t really like the way she spells her name (with a ‘Y’? Really?). But I’ve always enjoyed her show, her reporting, and her debate coverage. She works very hard to display her Independent politics, playing devil’s advocate to both major parties and ALL political personnel she meets. The best part of this book was by far the section on her “Year of Trump,” spanning from 2015-2016 – she’s definitely got the documentation to prove her points and make Donald Trump look like a crazy person. It’s fascinating, to say the least. Megyn’s an iconic American Dream Woman – with her “made something of myself” success story and seemingly balanced approach to life and work. But if regular reminders of her success (not arrogantly, just very matter-of-fact) and overt self-confidence unsettle you, just be warned.

aywbookThe Magnamoir:
As You Wish,
by Cary Elwes. *****

If you have any affection, delight, interest in, or even just a childhood memory of the now-classic Princess Bride, you will LOVE this book. Truly. It’s everything a memoir about a favorite movie should be – fun, funny, witty, interesting, grateful, intelligent, goofy – and absolutely full of behind-the-scenes stories. Like the movie it describes, it’s another Classic. Cary Elwes (the famed Westley) not only brings humor and a wry wit to the table, but he does so in the kindest and most gracious way possible. He has nothing but generosity towards his directors, producers, and fellow cast-members (something I thought was so becoming of him). I flew through this book. And the only thing I didn’t like about it was that I didn’t own it – and so couldn’t write in it. But I’m buying a copy now. You’ll want to do the same.


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