The Radical Book for Kids, by Champ Thornton

by Champ Thornton      Genre: kids’ books, Christian growth
reviewed by AB                  5/5 stars

The 21st century Christian literary world abounds with Christian living resources for adults – a fact for which we are very grateful. Yet the same cannot be said for the young reader demographic. As a parent, my main desire for my kids is that they love Jesus, and I’m always looking for clear, biblically sound rbk-coverresources to encourage them to know and love Him better.

The Radical Book for Kids, by Champ Thornton, takes curious readers ages 7-12 (and even older) on a thrilling, in-depth study of the Bible. Children can use this book as a reference source or delve into each section in order or in random fashion during their own personal Bible study or as a part of family devotional time. Topics such as learning the Hebrew alphabet, dealing with anger, correctly treating enemies, becoming acquainted with great men and women of the faith, and how to correctly respond to rules come alive through the vibrant illustrations and engaging charts.

Perhaps Thornton’s own experience as a dad explains how he can masterfully and appropriately weave in sections with directions for kids on how to tie a knot, how to build a catapult, how to clean their bedrooms, and how to tell jokes (the elephant jokes and modern phrases translated into Latin had my kids rolling.) Most importantly, the story of Jesus as our Rescuer permeates The Radical Book for Kids. Everything in it points to Him, and it leaves my kids wanting to know more about Jesus. I couldn’t ask for more in a book. 

Check out and order The Radical Book for Kids.
Learn more about the author here.

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