Humble Roots

By Hannah Anderson                                     Genre: Christian Living
Reviewed by Meg                                               5/5 stars

“I just feel so stressed.”

“My life is just so busy right now. I have little kids.”

“With the teens and their sports and all my church stuff, I’m running around like crazy.”

“Tired. I’m just tired all the time.”

“I want to read my Bible but life is so overwhelming right now. I barely have time to shower.” 

humble-roots-coverMaybe you haven’t felt or thought any of the above, but I have to believe that this is where the rest of us live.

Recently, I acquired an advanced copy of this book  – HUMBLE ROOTS, which is available TODAY! – as part of a “launch team” – and I am so thankful God allowed me to be chosen for this. I had no idea of the depth and wisdom and insight that I would glean from reading Humble Roots. It is a book on humility, yes, but more than that. Hannah points out that our journey in humility begins in realizing who we are (as creatures – not creators – made in the image of God, but fallen) and where we’ve come from (quite simply, from dirt). And our pride, that is so overwhelmingly present (whether we realize it or not), is almost always the cause of our “stress,” “anxiety,” and “busyness.” Uniquely, she uses a different form of plant or fruit in each chapter – with details involving the cultivating or procuring – to connect these points together. Her knowledge of living off of the land and understanding of humanity in general is quite stunning – my poor little brand-new copy is looking quite marked-up and dog-eared. Hannah is also very well-read, in both areas of great works of literature and in deep works of theology. And this knowledge is woven throughout her work in such a skillful yet simple and understandable way. Michelle Radford adds to the beauty of Hannah’s analogies with some exquisite illustrations, one for each chapter (and plant). 

I am a follower of Jesus Christ – and so I believe that He knew I needed to read this book – most obviously as a means to draw me back to His Word (the Bible). But also to show me areas of pride and self-reliance that I hadn’t even noticed before. I strongly and unequivocally recommend this book to everyone that can get it. You will not have wasted your time.

NOTE: As a part of my “launch team” experience, I was able to aquire not just 1 but 2 interviews – with both the author and illustrator. Hannah shares about her life in the mountains of Virginia and her writing process; and Michelle relates her experience with the creative arts and talks about ways to give kids the space to create. We will be sharing those with our readers in the next few days.

Purchase Humble Roots.
Read our interview with Hannah.
Enjoy this interview with illustrator Michelle Radford.


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