By K.M. Weiland                                   Genre: Fantasy
Reviewed by AB                                            5/5 stars

dreamlanderIf you are venturing into the world of fantasy literature for the first time, K. M. Weiland’s fantasy Dreamlander (which I just re-read) is a great place to begin. Maybe you read The Lord of the Rings when you were in middle school and have found subsequent fantasy reads woefully lacking, or maybe you have never liked the fantasy genre but are curious to discover what all the fuss is about. Dreamlander is the book for you.

Several years ago, my sister-in-law – a lover of fantasy literature herself – recommended this book by well-respected writing guru Weiland, whose major contribution to the world of literature is her writing blog and her books on writing. She has an unmistakable passion for helping fellow and aspiring writers but proves just as adept at writing novels herself.

Dreamlander illustrates how well Weiland knows her craft. The novel provides an excellent example of portal fantasy (a subgenre of speculative fiction) that requires the passing of characters between worlds through some type of portal. For Chris Redston, a Chicago-based investigative reporter, that portal opens up in his dreams. Literally.

Chris is what people in the alternate world of Lael call “the Gifted”—a once-in-a-generation hero sent to rescue the people from whatever evil their world faces. In this case, that evil comes in the form of the villain Mactalde. When Chris falls asleep in this world, he wakes up in Lael. When he falls asleep in Lael, he wakes up in Chicago. Intriguing, right?

Dreamlander has it all: a race against time to save two worlds; a beautiful and brave princess who struggles with her own calling; epic, Tolkien-esque battle scenes; fascinating plot twists; and wise, mystical creatures. With its emphasis on good versus evil and its clean content, this adventure proves appropriate for adults and teenagers alike.

You can get this free for kindle and nook – however, I’m going to grab another copy in paperback. The adventure is just that good.

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